Our Mission

To foster enduring, meaningful relationships in the Campbelltown region between like-minded cricket lovers and their families.



Campbelltown Collegians Cricket club was formed in 1969 by a group of hardworking, enterprising men who shared a common passion – cricket. These honest, friendly blokes loved to compete and did so with open smiles on their broad, sun-weathered faces. They loved a quiet beer after the game before returning to their wives and children late Saturday evening (or early Sunday morning!) weary – but cheerful and relaxed.


The Present

Like most Australians we’re a bit relaxed here at Campbelltown Collegians Cricket Club – but only with our words. That’s why we refer to ourselves as ‘Collies’ – we think it’s easier that way.

But don’t worry, we’ve still got two things in common with our fathers from 51 years ago – the passion to compete and a love of family.


The Future

We’re now heading into the 51st year of Collies cricket in Campbelltown and we’re celebrating the occasion with:

Strong relationship with our major sponsor the Campbelltown Catholic Club.

Continued benefit of being a single club for both senior and junior competitions.

We’re well and truly moving into the 21st century – but we’re always going to respect and strive to better ourselves moving forward into the future. 

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